IonAir SA1500 Series

Aeris Tri-color

The World's First
Bipolar Ionization Air Purifier

In Collaboration with award winning Swiss Air Purifier Provider Aeris, Monitair is bringing the World’s first Bipolar Ionization to market. 

Ion Output: 20^10 Ions/second

Room Size: Up to 70m²  

Fine Particulate CADR: Up to 600m3 /h

Fine Particulate CADR: Up to 315m3 /h

CCM: P4 / F4

Fan: EBM papst

Air Exchange Per Hour* : 6

Noise: 35 – 65 dB(a)

WiFi Connectivity: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

PM2.5 Sensor: aeris asense 

Filter Packages: 1

Filter Duration: Up to 12 months 

Speciality: Customiseable air 

Built-in-Filters: Pre-filter F7 , HEPA Filter H13, Activated Charcoal 700g, Activated Alumnia 300g 

Dimensions: 370mm * 387mm * 600mm

Weight: 15kg – 18kg

* for recommended room size 38.6 m²/415 f²

Bringing Bipolar Ionization to Any Space

mechanic wheel

Swiss Engineering

The strength of Swiss Engineering for maximum airflow and zero leakage.


World Leading BPI

World leading Israeli Bipolar Ionization technology tested globally.     


3-in-1 Filters

3-in-1 filters for more effective filtration at high air speeds (800m3/h).

air flow wheel

Powerful Airflow

Powerful airflow for rooms up to 750 sqft. 

Proven in Independent Clinical Trials to remove 99.9% of SARS-COV-2

Monitair’s IonAir1500 has been third-party lab tested by renowned hospitals and universities in Hong Kong and Israel.

Bring Fresh Air Inside

Three Patented Filter Layers

A pre-filter for filtering out larger pollutants, an activated charcoal layer for gases and odor removal, and our True HEPA filter for removing the smallest pollutants such as viruses, all the way down to .1 microns.

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