Webinar: Green Building Certification

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What is Green Building Certification? How to get certified by RESET & WELL?

This was the topic of discussion for our latest Webinar. Green Building has become the new trend to showcase your project’s sustainability, safety and wellness. As building owners and managers know, indoor air quality is a major component of occupant wellbeing, and being able to control and monitor the workspace environment enables you to:

  • Attract better tenants
  • Maintain asset value
  • Reduce the potential liability associated with underperforming buildings

Green building certification systems are a set of rating systems and tools that are used to assess a building or a construction project’s performance from a sustainability and environmental perspective. It is a great way to showcase your business’ focus on sustainability to prospective tenants and investors. Today, there are a variety of certification programs that have a broad approach for determining building health, such as RESET™ and WELL.



A Overview of Green Building Trend

The Center for Active Design shared a new report detailing the growth in demand for healthy buildings. The report reveals that COVID-19 has elevated the importance of health in investment decision-making. The need for healthy buildings has been steadily rising over the last decade, with nearly 70% of respondents indicating that they were seeing increased demand prior to the pandemic.


Key Findings from the study:

  1. A spike in demand for healthy buildings. Against the backdrop of COVID-19, 100 percent of respondents in Asia, 90 percent of respondents in North America and 85 percent of respondents in Europe expressed that current demand for healthy buildings is moderate or strong. Collectively, nearly 87 percent of respondents experienced increased demand over the past 12 to 24 months.


  2. Office and residential tenants driving demand. Ninety-five percent of respondents identify tenants as the leading stakeholder group driving demand, with most of that strong or moderate demand coming from the office (87 percent) and residential sectors (61 percent), followed by retail (48 percent). This reinforces the conclusion that the pandemic has brought health and wellness to the fore in spaces where people primarily live and work.

  3. A Commonly Tracked Health Metrics. Nearly 68% of respondents agree that indoor air quality is key tracked metrics to describe health and wellness efforts. 



How to get certified by RESET & WELL?

Project Manager, Karten Lam provided his insights. With a background in Indoor Air Quality Consultation, he deep dive into the strategies of WELL and RESET standard, and show you how important indoor air quality is in order to achieve points to pass the green building program.


Take a look at the Webinar here to see what interests you:

0 mins: What’s the WELL Green Building Standard? Introduce 10 Concepts for a Healthy Building and tips to get air concept points.

7:41 mins: What’s the RESET Green Building Standard? What’s the difference between WELL and RESET? Introduce RESET Project Statuses and Accreditation.

12:45 mins: The RESET & WELL v2 Crosswalk: What’s included in the WELL v2 crosswalks? How Features in the WELL v2 Standard align with the requirements as set forth in the RESET Air v2.0 Standards for Commercial Interiors and Core & Shell?

14:55 mins: Q&A Session


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