Benefits of Bipolar Ionization

Airborne and Surface Virus, Bacteria, Pollutant Removal​

  • Remove surface and airborne virus, bacteria, TVOCs, odor, mold indoors with a harm-free long term natural solution. ​
  • Clean HVAC and tenant area with a proactive purification solution​. 
  • No harmful byproducts like UV solution or spray treatments​. 
  • Zero ozone like other ionization solution that meet the standard of ASHRAE 62.1

20-40% HVAC energy savings from cleaner AHU, vents​

  • On average commercial buildings spend 50% of energy costs on HVAC related expenses. ​
  • Bipolar Ionization allows buildings to reduce outside air requirements by 50% or more, below the ASHRAE 62.1 minimum ventilation rate or lower​
  • Reduces the need to condition as much untreated outside air​

Improved IAQ Drives Workplace Productivity​

  • Lower CO2, TVOCs result in higher cognitive scores  
  • Information Usage, Decision Making, Strategy, Crisis Response 97%-299% higher with two high IAQ days
  • Important to adhere to global IAQ standardsCompliance with the ASHRAE Standard 62.1 that is suitable for human occupants and that minimizes adverse health effects

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Media Coverage - Be an Industry Leader​

  • Many companies in the world are using Bipolar Ionization to destroy the Coronavirus, and using media to boost customer and tenant confidence
  • By Installing state-of-the-art Bipolar Ionization as a long-term solution, you are leading the way in promoting a healthier and safer environment
  • Monitair can work closely with your team to communicate this to your employees, customers or the media

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