Airthings For Business - Space Hub

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Airthings View Plus For Business

A Scaleable Solutions for Any Space

Airthings for Business – Space Hub is an integral part of the Airthings ecosystem which collects data from in-range sensors and provides real-time access to all the information you need to optimize air quality in your building.

Dimensions: 13 cm (length) x 13 cm (width) x 2.5 cm (height)

Weight: 258 g (with batteries, and cable) 

Power: 100 -240V AC / 50 – 60 Hz

Connectivity: Connect Airthings Space Pro via SmartLink 865-895MHz (EU/ETSI) Effective Connectivity Range: 50M

Sensors: CO2, Relative humidity, Temperature, PM1, PM2.5, VOCs, Air pressure, Light, Noise

Recommended Operating Conditions: Temperature 4 to 40°C / 39 to 104°F, Humidity 0% to 85% (non condensing)

Remark: One Hub can connect to 10 sensors

About Airthings SmartLink

SmartLink is the Airthings proprietary long range and low power IoT protocol between Hub and Airthings devices. SmartLink connectivity can typically penetrate 3 thick walls/floors or 10 drywalls (non-loadbearing walls). Airthings devices will always connect to the closest Hub and additional Hubs can be installed to increase coverage. The mounting bracket allows for placing the Airthings for Business Solution products on a flat surface or fixing it with double-sided tape or screws to the wall.

Display with QR code


1. Customizeable Display

A state of the art ultra-low power display to maximize battery life.

2. Customized Public Facing QR Code

Scan to check IAQ and the latest 9 parameters in your indoor space.

3. Select Readings

Choose which readings matter to you. Pick two real-time readings to show continuously on the display.

The tool towards
a green building


The Space Pro for business has been tested and certified by RESET, and is apporved to help you in your journey towards achieving the WELL standard for your building.

IAQ Reporting & Notifications


Visualise data, compare trends, and create custom alerts to notify you the moment conditions move outside of your target criteria. 

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