HOW can Monitair's products help in achieving ESG?

In the Environment (E)  Criteria 

Data is useful in measuring & analyzing business sustainability, using of Monitair’s products can optimize the energy usage efficiency. Facilities management staff can turn on/off the HVAC system according to the figures of the IAQ Monitor.

Monitair’s bipolar ionization devices reduce pollutants with zero chemical by-products released and achieved environmental sustainability development.

In the Social (S) Criteria  

According to the National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA), developed by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and more than 500 stakeholders, one of the top research priority areas for reducing work-related illnesses is reduction of communicable infections in indoor working environments.

Poor air quality in workplace has been linked to a wide variety of negative health outcomes, from respiratory issues like allergies and asthma to infections.

Monitair’s IAQ products can improve the working environment for staff by improving the indoor air quality in workplaces, protecting the the health and well-being of stakeholders from the risk of virus infections, improve the occupation health and safety of staff which will finally improve staff attendance and productivity as well as reduce absenteeism due to respiratory disease.

In the Governance (G) Criteria

Monitair’s products can help to achieve smart and healthy building.  Our products and solutions meet the global healthy building standard.

RESET & WELL v2 Crosswalk

Monitair’s IAQ Monitor Airthings Space Pro has been tested and accredited by the RESET standard for accuracy. 

Airthings for Business – Space Pro is the latest IAQ monitor, with comprehensive functions to monitor nine IAQ parameters. Airthings Space Pro is one of the few interior RESET™ Air Accredited Grade B monitors that can be used for RESET™’s Air for Commercial Interiors Certification.

With our RESET certified IAQ Monitor, you can get RESET Air Core & Shell v2.0 certificate. With RESET Certificate you can apply WELL Core Certificate and some of the parts in Air and Comfort, you can obtain points from RESET air.