Chinese Cooking Smell Test

Objective:  Test the bipolar ionization (BPI) effect in removing cooking smell and smoke whilst cooking (Chinese – wok frying method).

Ingredients used in cookingcooking oil, chili-pepper boiled fish (Sichuan style), Sichuan peppercorns, chili peppers, and vegetables like shredded tofu.

Result from cooking: Visible white smoke, pungent chili smell




  • A piece of cloth is smoked as a whole from the fumes & smell produced.
  • In order to let the piece of cloth absorb more smoke, a cigarette smoke is introduced in a chamber that holds the cloth. More smoke is put on the cloth.
  • As a result, the pollutants can be easily smelled in the space together with a strong mixed flavor of vegetables and smoke.


Installation Date:  19 April 2024

Hardware Installed: 

IAQ Purifier: 1 x IA1600 Ionizer

IAQ Monitor: 1 x Airthings Space Hub & 1 x Airthings Space Pro.


(1) Ions Level (Data Support)

  • WITH ionizer, ion level is increased to 286,000,000 ions/cm3.
  • WITHOUT ionizer, ion level is only 12 ions/cm3.


(2) TVOC & PM 2.5  (Data support)

  • The chamber WITH Ionizer, PM level dropped 96% and TVOC level dropped near 30%.
  • WITH Ionizer, the decreasing rate of PM2.5 & TVOC performs better than the decreasing rate WITHOUT ionizer

  • The pollutant (cloth) was put inside both chambers at Time 20:18 (Red Arrow). The PM value of both chambers increase to a peak value when the cloth with smoke is introduced.
  • In the chamber WITH Ionizer, the PM level and TVOC level can decrease immediately.

Over a Period of 4 days (19 April to 22 April, 2024)

Average Rate Comparison

  • WITH Ionizer, PM2.5 is 35 ug/m3 as compared to WITHOUT ionizer of value 42 ug/m3 (Reduced -16.7%)
  • WITH Ionizer, TVOC is 383 ppb as compared to WITHOUT ionizer of value 557 ppb (Reduced -31.2%)

Peak Value Comparison:

  • WITH Ionizer, PM2.5 is 119 ug/m3 as compared to WITHOUT ionizer of value 100 ug/m3 (Reduced -19%);
  • WITH Ionizer, TVOC is 1806 ppb as compared to WITHOUT ionizer of value 2400 ppb (Reduced -24.8%).

 (3) Smell (Qualitative research)

Based on 4 different people’s senses feeling, the smell on the cloth is significantly less at the chamber with ionizer. It is concluded that Monitair ionizer can reduce smoke/smell/pollutants created by “Chinese-style wok-frying cooking”.

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