Case Study - Citywalk


Restrooms may be an important source of COVID-19, according to Joseph Allen, associate professor of exposure assessment science at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “When you flush the toilet, you’re breathing in toilet water, and whatever is in that toilet water — including viruses and bacteria.” These “bioaerosols” can also spread around the room, linger in the air, and settle onto surfaces in the bathroom, creating the potential for transmission, said Allen.  As a responsible corporate citizen, Citywalk deployed IAQ treatment from Monitair, to improve the indoor air quality in the toilet and nursery room, to protect customers, tenants and staff from the attack of virus as well as to remove odour and smoke from cigarette in the corridor near the toilet area, provide better air quality to nursery room.



1 x IonAir 1600 was deployed in the G/F Nursery Room, to achieved high level of ions level and improve IAQ: enhance health protection and control the odour and bed smell from toilet.

1 x SA3000 was deployed in 1/F Toilet Area to filter PM2.5 with bipolar ionization in backstairs area . IonAir 1600 attached under the fan to enhance PM2.5 and control odour in toilet corridor area.

Ion level BEFORE installation of ionizer: 1,000 ion/cm3

Ion level AFTER installation of ionizer: 200,000 ion/cm3

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