Case Study - Hong Kong Museum of Art


“Thousands of trace compounds make up the air around us; museums lack the capabilities to both qualitatively and quantitatively assess many of these chemicals. In order to protect against degradation, museums must have a solid understanding of what chemicals are present, where they are coming from, and at what levels they are capable of causing lasting damage” stated in the “Indoor Air Quality in the Museum Environment” research done by The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, ” In museums, these pollutants can both come from and interact with art objects, leading to a highly complex series of problems, which may destabilize or disfigure the original materials.”


According to research, the indoor air quality (IAQ) conditions will greatly affect the conditions of art pieces in the museum. To ascertain proper IAQ condition, LCSD deployed Monitair’s IAQ solution in Hong Kong Museum of Art to monitor the IAQ in the museum and make immediate actions accordingly.



LCSD deployed the Airthings for Business – Space Pro and Airthings Space Hub in designated locations of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, in collecting real-time indoor air quality data such as TVOC, CO2. Management can then make immediate action, when IAQ alert triggered by the IAQ Monitor, in preventing poor IAQ condition destroying the art pieces in the museum.

Airthings IAQ Dashboard – Understand your environment at a glance. (reference figure only)

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