Case Study - Sino Land Co. Limited


Economic, social and environmental sustainability is key in today’s business environment. In order to achieve sustainability vision “Creating Better Lifescapes”, Sino Land Co. Limited adopted the IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) solutions in its properties.  The solutions of Monitair help Sino Land to achieve the two KPIs (energy saving and social impact) in their ESG strategy.


To improve the occupational health and safety of 100+ cleaning staff in China Hong Kong City, Sino Land Co. Limited deployed 5 x EC 1500, 1 x Airthing for Business – Space Pro, 1 x Airthing Space Hub. Finally improved staff attendance and productivity as well as reduce absenteeism due to respiratory disease. 

IAQ products installed to achieve optimal indoor air quality and reduce the risk of airborne transmission. IAQ monitoring devices such as Airthings View Plus, Air Hub have been adopted to track real-time changes in indoor air quality parameters such as TVOC, CO2. Management is able to act immediately when IAQ alert triggered by the IAQ Monitor, and receives monthly IAQ report to understand the recommendations for the area.

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