Case Study - Two Taikoo Place


Established in 1972, Swire Properties develops and manages world-class commercial, retail, hotels and residential properties.

Taikoo Place continues Swire’s commitment to the future with a triple Grade A rated property that is set to be one of the most sought-after addresses in the city. In order to protect the health and well-being of visitors and tenants in the property, it was crucial to ascertain indoor air quality factors are of concern and could potentially be contributing to airborne virus transmission.

With tenants over 300 international companies, Taikoo Place have high traffic in lift and lift lobby during the rush hour, with high risk of airborne virus transmission in lift at confined spaces with poor air ventilation. 


With an aim to protect visitors and tenants free from viruses and harmful substances. The IAQ treatment of Monitair was deployed, EC 1500 were deployed in 34 x lifts of Taikoo Place Two, 2 x EC 1500 in each lift.

Bipolar Ionization air treatment device IonAir EC 1500 is proven to kill airborne and surface viruses within 10 minutes by discharging more than 10^10  positive and negative ions/second.

Large amount of ions could protect people in the lift from infection of COVID-19, TVOCs other bacteria and virus during the peak office hours..

EC 1500 were installed between the floor ceiling and true ceiling which will not affect the exterior outlook.

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