How to get a RESET™ certification for your project

A green building certification is a great way to showcase your business’ focus on sustainability to prospective tenants and investors.


There are a variety of certification programs that have a broad approach for determining building health, such as RESET™ and WELL™. For some projects, opting for a more focused certification will be financially beneficial and will help guarantee an indoor environment that promotes long-term occupant health. If these are concerns for your project, we’d recommend RESET™’s Air for Commercial Interiors Certification.


RESET™ has gained momentum in recent years as the certification system that is both affordable and prioritizes continuous occupant safety – a significant contrast to other certifications that rely on one-time tests and costly data submission procedures.

RESET™ is intentionally non-prescriptive. Some certification programs require specific project type and layout requirements be met in order to apply for the certification. When applying for a RESET™ certification, you have the flexibility to define your space type based on your project’s purpose and how it affects your occupants’ health. RESET™ is then able to tailor its certification process to your project’s specific requirements – effectively helping you meet the certification requirements and, above all, create the healthiest space possible for occupants.

If you have a new or existing building you’d like to have certified, RESET™’s Air for Commercial Interiors Certification is an ideal certification to obtain in order to support your building in providing a healthy environment through indoor air quality monitoring.

How to Pass the Air for Commercial Interiors Certification

RESET™ is the world’s first sensor-based and performance-driven building standard and certification program. In order to become certified, projects must submit information about their air quality to RESET™. 

    1.   Meeting RESET™’s requirements is easily attainable if your project meets the following guide:










High performance











     2.  Pass 3 consecutive months of assessment

This requires the building to have certain levels of fresh air as well as purification of both fresh air and recirculated air. Once the project passes three consecutive months of assessment, it is eligible for the RESET™ Air Certification. If the project fails during one of the three months, the project will have to restart the test.

     3.  Use the right air quality monitor

One of the most critical requirements of RESET™’s Air for Commercial Interiors Certification is using a suitable indoor air quality monitor. Air quality monitor accuracy is important for ensuring occupant health and for diagnosing any issues that may require building HVAC operations and maintenance. To guarantee the best possible accuracy, RESET™ will only grant the Air for Commercial Interiors certification to projects that use an air quality monitor tested and approved by RESET™ experts.

Now with the RESET™ certified air quality monitor – Airthings for Business Solution, it is easier than ever to pass your commercial interiors RESET™ certification. If you are considering RESET™ certification for your project, please reach out to to learn more.