Use Bipolar Ionization to Lower Risk of
Spreading COVID-19 in Your Office

The coronavirus pandemic has raised huge concerns regarding workplace safety as many return to work. With continuous research being conducted, reports have stated the spread of COVID-19 through ducted HVAC systems shouldn’t be ruled out. There is, however, a way to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading in your office space through this manner. This can be accomplished by installing an HVAC add-on device to purify indoor air with Bipolar Ionization.

What is Bipolar Ionization?
Bipolar Ionization is a technology that helps maintain clean indoor air, by removing pathogens such as viruses or bacteria from the air. These special needles take molecules of oxygen from the air and convert them into charged atoms O2+ and O2-, which attach themselves to the aforementioned micro-particles/pathogens. Mold, allergens, and other airborne micro-particles are also picked up by the bipolar ionization needles.

After attaching to these micro-particles, H2O2 and OH radicals break down the protein structure and render them harmless, removing viruses like COVID-19, breath droplets or dust particles. The process happens continuously throughout the day. The result is simply breathable clean air.

Keeping Your Office Safe
Following the CDC’s guidelines and local mask, ordinances go a long way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but it has been suggested that the battle with COVID-19 may also need to take place in the air. Taking initiative to proactively prevent the spread of the virus from your workplace’s HVAC system is a great way to ensure that your workers are as safe as they possibly can be.

Best Applications For Bipolar Ionizaton
Bipolar ionization can be installed in virtually every facility, but it has most commonly been used in larger facilities such as schools, hospitals, and hotels. This is because larger facilities have a challenging time maintaining pure air, with countless ways for impurities such as dust particles to infiltrate the indoor air. How much does bipolar ionization cost? The overall cost of bipolar ionization ultimately depends on the size of your building’s HVAC system, but the cost can be minimal as the installation process is very straightforward. An overhaul or replacement of your current HVAC system and its parts is not needed, instead the only requirement is adding the bipolar ionization device to the air supply side of your HVAC system.