Indoor Air Pollution Caused by Cooking

Cooking fumes contain over 200 kinds of harmful gases. According to a recent study done by National Academy of Sciences, using gas fuel (such as liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas) to cook a meal is equivalent to absorb the vehicle exhaust gases for 20 minutes.

“Research has also found that the fumes produced by cooking a meal are as harmful as smoking two packs of cigarettes.” Dr. Liu Pengchi mentioned in a TVBS program “Health 2.0”. “In addition to smoking, cooking fumes in the kitchen are also one of the vital factors for lung cancer.” Doctor points out that as long as cooking fumes are emitted for 5 minutes, the suspended particulate matter (PM2.5) released will instantly increase, exceeding 20 times of normal air, increasing the risk of lung cancer by 18%.

A trial test done by Monitair, has proven that bipolar ionization can reduce TVOCs and PM 2.5 in the kitchen after cooking. PM 2.5 level dropped 96% and TVOC level dropped near 30% after the adoption of Monitair’s bipolar ionizer, IA 1600. The smoke, smell and pollutants created by “Chinese-style wok-frying cooking” was greatly reduced after using bipolar ionizer.

Sources: STHeadline website

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