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Monitair helps LHT TOWER to improve tenant Indoor Air Quality by using the latest patented bipolar ionization technology.   The Hong Kong PropTech Association (HKPTA) covered the case of LHT Tower using Monitair’s bipolar ionization devices to improve the building’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

As companies in Hong Kong continue to place an increasing emphasis on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, The Luk Hoi Tong Company Ltd. and its flagship commercial building LHT TOWER in Central constantly look to address these tenant needs with the implementation of sustainable technologies. Specifically, LHT TOWER is currently striving to improve the overall IAQ in its office environments by technological upgrades.
2 sets of Monitair’s IonAir 1600 Ionbar were installed at the air ducts inside the floor’s AHU room. Along with the Ion bars, air quality sensors, including the products Airthings for Business – Space Pro and Space Hub were also installed on that floor to establish real-time monitoring of air quality. Property management staff can monitor the air quality 24 hours a day and can respond immediately when an IAQ alert is triggered by the IAQ monitor. After installation, an optimal 7,000 ion/cm3 was achieved for this 5400sf indoor office space. High ion levels, proven by global independent labs such as EMSL and SHEBA, can deactivate viruses, bacteria, and mold.
A tenant at LHT TOWER stated that after the installation of the bipolar ionization air treatment devices, the indoor environment felt much better and the system always functioned smoothly.

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