Get WELL v2 Certification - The Future of Healthy Building

An indoor air quality monitoring system can hold the key to an easy WELL V2 certification. Air quality monitors, such as the Airthings Space Pro, track factors that affect the quality of your indoor air and let you know the moment your air is unsafe or unhealthy. Many of WELL V2’s Air Features can be accomplished with a few air quality monitoring tricks.


What is WELL?

The WELL Building Standard is a performance-based green building rating system designed to provide guidelines and strategies for designing, building, and operating built environments that promote the human health, well-being, and productivity of the building’s occupants.

The Latest version of WELL Standard V2

The International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) has formally launched the latest version of the WELL Building Standard – WELL v2. The newly graduated standard brings with it a suite of enhancements, products and services that reimagine how you engage with WELL and our growing community.

The original WELL was launched in 2014 and was the first building standard to place an emphasis on human health and happiness. IWBI crafted WELL’s certification standards after partnering with scientists, doctors, architects, and wellness thought leaders around the globe.

IWBI CEO and Chairman Rick Redrizzi stated WELL V2 includes, “a rating system that’s simpler, clearer, focused on the aspects that have the greatest impact, and designed for improved return across every metric.” The changes made to update WELL V2 have made it more accessible than ever to become certified.


How does it work?

All WELL submissions are evaluated using a points-based system. There are 100 points available per project, plus 10 extra “innovation” points which are awarded for exceptional solutions. WELL v2 has 10 “concepts” that must be addressed to earn certification: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Sound, Materials, Mind, and Community.

With WELL v2, applicants must achieve at least two points per concept in order to qualify for certification. The total number of points earned across all concepts dictates the certification level.


Using Airthings Space Pro to Meet WELL’s Air, Thermal Comfort, and Light Features


To meet Feature A05 (2 points), applicants are required to demonstrate that they’ve achieved specific thresholds for particulate matter, organic gases, and inorganic gases. Rather than paying for professionals to conduct annual on-site tests for PM2.5 and VOCs, Airthings Space Pro can be used to track and document indoor PM2.5 and organic gases (VOCs) and fulfill Part 1 and 2 of this Feature. Implementing a continuous air quality monitoring solution will help you troubleshoot indoor pollution issues when they arise, monitor changes over time, and comply with other air quality requirements. 

Feature A08 (2 points) requires applicants to implement indoor air quality monitors and promote air quality awareness in their space. As a RESET certified device, Airthings Space Pro can be used to fulfill both of these requirements. By giving building occupants access to the Space Pro Dashboard, creating (automated) air quality alerts in the Dashboard, and sharing air quality data on your Space Pro device display, you can promote greater air quality awareness and support Part 2 of this Feature.

Feature Fulfilled: A05, A08

Thermal Comfort 

Under WELL’s Thermal Comfort concept Feature T07 (1 point), applicants are required to manage relative humidity levels in their space to limit mold growth, decrease airborne pathogens, and improve occupant health and wellbeing. Hiring a professional to conduct an on-site relative humidity assessment can be costly, and this method gives you less precursory insight into/control over your performance. 

Airthings Space Pro monitors relative humidity levels in your space, and can alert you when humidity levels rise or fall below accepted WELL thresholds (less than 30 percent or greater than 60 percent). By providing real-time and historical data on humidity, Space Pro can provide verification for certification and documentation to meet WELL v2’s Continuous Monitoring requirements. To meet Feature T06  (1 point) , applicatnts implement IAQ monitor for thermal comfort.

Feature Fulfilled: T06, T07

If you interest at Monitair’s Airthings Space Pro to achieve WELL certification for your project, please reach out to to learn more.