Case Study - Auxiliary Medical Service


The Auxiliary Medical Service (AMS) provides invaluable supplementary medical services for the people of Hong Kong in times of emergency.  Since 23 January 2020 till 1 March 2023, auxiliary members of AMS had voluntarily participated in different kind of anti-epidemic duties. One of the major duties by AMS is the conveyance of close contacts and positive cases to quarantine and isolation facilities. The safeguarding environment is of paramount importance both to the patients and AMS members. It was crucial to ascertain the in-ambulance air quality are of concern and could potentially be contributing to airborne virus transmission between patients and AMS members.


Monitair donated the products EC 1500 and proposing to be used in the non-emergency ambulances in Auxiliary Medical Service.

After installation of product, having optimal ion level rise from 2,000 (ion/cm3) to 30,000 (ion/cm3). High ion levels are proven to deactivate viruses and bacteria. SHEBA, the 10th in the World’s Best Hospitals 2021 by Newsweek, have proven high ion levels can remove 99.9% of coronavirus, Influenza H1N1 etc.

2 x EC 1500 was installed and tested in each non-emergency ambulances, one in Location A and B respectively.  With the installation of Monitair’s bipolar ionzer, Positive and Negative ions level rise from 1,000 ions/cm3 to 30,000 ions/cm3 in Location A & B after turn on the air conditioner for 5 minutes, while at Location C (without biploar ionizer installed), ions level rise from 500  ions/cm3 to 10,000 ions level after turn on the air conditioner for 5 minutes.

 (Amir Lati, Consulate General of Israel (left);Alex WONG, Chief Staff Officer, AMS (middle); Aviad Zagha, CEO of Monitair (right) attend the ceremony)


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