Case Study - Hospital Authority's IT Innovation Lab


With the rising severity of COVID-19 and Omicron, hospitals and medical services providers become high risk area of transmission, it was crucial to ascertain those area’s indoor air quality factors are of concern and could potentially be contributing to airborne virus transmission between patients.

Hospital Authority (HA) IT Innovation Lab is to facilitate incubation of technology innovation solutions throughout HA. Monitair’s IAQ product using bipolar technology were being evaluated in HA IT Innovation Lab for testing its practical usage in hospitals.



Total 1 x EC 1500, 1 x Airthings for Business – Space Pro, 1 x Airthings Space Hub devices have been exhibited in the Hospital Authority IT Innovation Lab, showcased to new project team, facilities management team and directors of new hospitals.

Management from new hospitals learn of the latest technology in air treatment & air monitoring solutions.

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