Case Study - Hong Kong Dance Company


Hong Kong Dance Company is one of the most iconic Hong Kong performing arts companies located in Sheung Wan. Phase 1 of the project worked on a renovated studio with 1000 sq ft and 5 meter ceiling height. The company was looking for an IAQ solution to purify and monitor the air quality in the studio room and reduce the risk of airborne virus transmission.


Total 5 IonAir1600 devices have been integrated in the two Supply Air Ducts in the studio. Due to the high ceiling (Higher volume) and objectives of the venue (Dancing), Monitair Team suggested to deploy more Ionisers to achieve a higher ion concentration for better protection of the area. On the other hand, one Airthings Monitor has been deployed in the studio to constant monitor harmful substances such as CO2 and TVOC in the venue. Customers, students and parents can notify the air quality in the studio via Public facing QR Code. Cloud dashboard and user training have been arranged to ensure users and facility manager keep tracking the air quality.

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