Summer Splash - New TV Commercial created for Monitair

A new TV Commercial has been created for Monitair in this Summer time. 

What do you relate to Summer? Sweat? Smelly office? Bacteria and Virus? Sleepy employees? 

How about “Back to Nature”, or “Sun, Sea and Sand”? 


Would it be possible to bring nature’s air into indoor workspace? 

Monitair is a leading provider of Indoor Air Quality solutions, bringing the Nature’s Air indoor is our mission. Our patented Bipolar Ionization Technology can help on eliminating the COVID-19 virus and airborne bacteria, maintaining good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), lowering Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs). 

Care about your employee’s health, provide a safe and working environment to increase productivity. Monitair is your professional advisor and trustful partner!  

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