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How to get a RESET™ certification for your project

There are a variety of certification programs that have a broad approach for determining building health, such as RESET™ and WELL™. For some projects, opting for a more focused certification will be financially beneficial and will help guarantee an indoor environment that promotes long-term occupant health. If these are concerns for your project, we’d recommend RESET™’s Air for Commercial Interiors Certification.

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Everything You Need to Know About IAQ

Outdoor air pollution is increasingly pervasive in our everyday lives. We inhale second-hand cigarette smoke, smell car exhaust fumes and receive air quality advice from local weather reports and new mobile applications. We know outdoor air pollution is harmful, but many of us don’t focus on the importance of indoor air quality and the impact it has on our lives. Indoor air quality (IAQ), is just as vital to our everyday lives and health, and the pollutants found indoors should concern us equally.

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Use Bipolar Ionization to Lower Risk of Spreading COVID-19 in Your Office

The coronavirus pandemic has raised huge concerns regarding workplace safety as many return to work. With continuous research being conducted, reports have stated the spread of COVID-19 through ducted HVAC systems shouldn’t be ruled out. There is, however, a way to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spreading in your office space through this manner. This can be accomplished by installing an HVAC add-on device to purify indoor air with Bipolar Ionization.

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